Jordan Spieth had a Bogey on the 17th, and a double bogey on the 18th hole at the third round of the #Master’s Saturday after dominating all day.  Do you ever have the perfect first 9 only to fade during the last few holes and dramatically increase your total score?  What if I told you your golf course nutrition could be to blame.  David Reed discusses all parts of golf course strategy during his lessons, and he can help you decide what the perfect snack might be for you to bring along during your round to avoid a 17th and 18th hole +3 to your dominating golf round.

David Reed knows that nutrition on the golf course is paramount if you want to dominate your competitors.  Even riding a cart you stand to burn well over 400 calories.  If those are not replaced during your round your mental and physical edge could quickly disappear as your body tries to compensate in other ways.  That is why with all of David Reed’s Junior Golf Camps and Golf With a Pro sessions he provides nutrition as part of the offering.  It is essential.

To help you during your own round David Reed put together an easy to use list of items that you should always keep in your golf bag.  Each one of these snacks is available for less than a $1 so there is no excuse not to have them, if you care about playing a quality golf round.

  1.  Mixed Nuts.  You can find these at the Ruggle’s Ferry clubhouse or any gas station on your way to the course.  Buy a few more than you need during the round.  They are the perfect source of protein and will have you marking down birdies instead of bogeys late in your round.
  2.  Peanut Butter Crackers.  These are also available for a low cost just about anywhere and they supply the right amount of protein and carbs to help you excel late in your round.
  3. Granola Bar.  This mix of carbs, protein, and sugars can give you the energy you need late in a round when your energy is fleeting.  Pack a few in your golf bag to pack a punch on the last part of your golf round.
  4. Water.  This technically is not a snack, but dehydration is a serious problem on the golf course and you should always have an ample supply of water.  This is why Golf Pro David Reed supplies a drink to his Junior Golf Campers and Golf With a Pro customers.  Bring it along every round, no matter what.

Overall, golf course nutrition is as important during your round at #Ruggle’s Ferry, as it is at the #Master’s Tournament Final Round this Sunday.  Feel free to share to this easy to use guide with every golfer you know.

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